Monday, July 2, 2012

Looking Back on a Year at Cambridge

Saying goodbye to my father
before departing for Cambridge.
I'll never forget the trip I took from my family's home in Arizona late last September. I set off for England to start my master's degree at Trinity College in the University of Cambridge. I had just finished a whirlwind trip around the US after 14 months of travel; I was sleep deprived, whiplashed by the sudden life changes, and apprehensive to be moving to another country again. I remember the bus ride from Heathrow to Cambridge. I hadn't slept in nearly two days, and crazy thoughts were ricocheting off my skull. Was I making the right decision? Was Cambridge the right place for me? Would I even be able to stay in one place for nine months? Well here we are, nine months later, and finally, I can answer those questions with certainty.