Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

On Monday night, I landed once again in warm, muggy Accra, but unlike the first time, this time I was greeted by a feeling I hadn't at all expected. Arriving in Accra Monday night, I felt like I was home. Sure, gallivanting around Europe had been fun, and sure, I had been reluctant to give up all of the Western luxuries, but I have to admit it; I'm starting to see the virtue in the whole concept of home, even if it is fleeting.

Europe really was superb though, with the exception of an awful case of food poisoning. (Though better there than here. I'm sure if I got sick in Accra, I would be convinced it was some rare, exotic disease that was sure to kill me.) It really was such a pleasure catching up with friends in London, Oxford, and Zurich, and what's more, the Zurich Google office is awesome. Pictures below, but I'll just say that in one trip from my desk overlooking the alps to the cafeteria for dinner, I took a fireman's pole and a slide, waded my way through a jungle, and passed basketball court to get to the all-you-can-eat, free, gourmet food. And all of the Swiss chocolate lying around everywhere... In a sense, I'm glad I was only there for a week, because I'm sure I would have ended up morbidly obese if I had stayed much longer.

On the other hand, when I walked in Barcelos last night, the place where I often get dinner on week nights, the staff smiled at me as they always do and asked me where I had been the last two weeks. That's a nice feeling, the simple knowledge that someone has missed me and was glad for my return. It's an interesting life I'm leading, one of the nomad with no real attachments or home, but as it turns out, that's all the more reason that the little things are important. I've been thinking a lot about my life recently and while 90% of the time, I'm just amazed by the opportunities I've been blessed to have, I also recognize that it's not always the easiest life to lead. Then again, that's exactly what I wished for, wasn't it? It's not the first time on this journey that I've realized you really do have to be careful what you wish for!

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Signs of autumn. (No seasons in Ghana, unfortunately.)

One of my literary heroes, Oscar Wilde.

Beautiful, manicured park in Dublin,
stark contrast to the natural beauty of Africa.

Hotel room in Zurich, also stark contrast
to accommodations in Accra.

Fireman's pole in the Zurich office.

Jungle lounge in the Zurich office. Notice the hidden chairs.

More of the Zurich office.

Nap room in the Zurich office.

Massage room in the Zurich office.

Last shot from the Zurich office on my way out.

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