Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Launching Google Trader in Ghana

In between getting 200 Nigerian businesses online and flying off to Singapore for my month in Asia, I had spent one day in Ghana to help launch the country's largest classifieds website, dubbed Google Trader. We had launched Trader as a pilot in Uganda over a year ago, and after months of iteration and improvement, we're seeing it spread to the other side of the African continent. Since I had been involved in much of the pre-launch preparations, I decided to come back to Ghana in between my two other stops for the big day. And boy was it a big day.

Starting at 8:00am, the Trader launch team, comprised of about 5 Googlers, 10 event staff, 20 promoters, and 100 dancers, went from site to site staging flash mobs around the city of Accra. It was an extraordinary spectacle. Slowly, people wearing bright Google t-shirts would start to pervade an area. And then boom! All of a sudden, loud music blared (the Google Trader song, no less, commissioned by a Nigerian artist), and the dancers ran into a central area and kicked off a two-minute choreographed dance routine. Here are some of the photos from the day.

The first flash mob begins...

Flash mob in full swing.

Dancers showing off their skills.

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Randy said...

Thanks for the great photos of the dancers and flash mob! Btw, I just saw news report that Louisville-based Yum Brands is planning to double the number of KFC restaurants in Africa to 1200 by the year 2014. No longer "Out of Africa" but "Into Africa." Safe travel to the Far East!